Apple Wants to Scan Veins

Important –

  • Vein scanning device launched by Apple could detect gestures through Apple Watch.
  • The Apple patent is an important aspect where AppleInsider spotted the patent.
  • This tech provided by Apple might be used for integrating a virtual reality experience.

Apple Watch has come up with the newest feature of vein scanning. It doesn’t matter if you’re changing your oil, checking out from the store, handling raw meat, or you are entering any store, in case you haven’t used hand sanitizer yet, then maybe you won’t like to touch your Apple watch. In current situations, hands cleaning have become important for all of us. Hence, Apple is taking care of the customer with their smartwatches.

There can be some situations where you forget cleaning hands or using hand sanitizer. Therefore, Siri is the only one who can help you. What you need to do is – raise the device to your mouth and trigger the voice assistant. Now Apple is also working on one more option for touchless commands where the sensor is used to measure your veins.

The AppleInsider first spotted the patent In June. Apple’s machine learning software engineer “inventor Michael R. Brennan” described a system to an automatic or determined gesture of user where the finger movement also comes, based on one or more properties of the veins of the user. The basic idea to work on is to use a sensors’ array where an infrared camera that can snap or take images of the user’s hand could be added to get a diagram of the veins’ positioning within a user’s hand. Then, the taken images could be converted into a digital map using the device. This map could recognize the movements of the hand or finger of a person that will be based on vein changes.

Next, according to hand gestures, the patent mentions a “wristwatch-like device” that can perform and follow some specific commands. Well, it may sound excited that one day raising your pointer finger can open an exercise app or other. It will integrate a virtual reality experience with the iPhone.

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